A friend and I are planning to build a guitar and a bassguitar.

Actually we're kinda planning to gather information now, and probabely build it next summer or something.
As we have actually totaly no instructions on building guitars, I think that is a good thing to start with.

Okay, finding wood and stuff for the bodies and necks will be not a big problem (I hope).
We'll find some wiring diagrams when we need 'em.

I think the best thing to start looking for is somekind of tips on measurements and stuff like that.

Could you guys help us?
i have no tips
but let us know if you guys actually get that done!
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add that:
You guys here will probabely be the first ones to know if we really do start building.
Allready tried googling on "how to build a guitar". I came up on some instruction books only. I kinda prefer on-line tutorials or something.