Who's going? I suggest a UG meet-up.

I don't want to meet if you're ugly, though. I want my Leeds experience to be pleasant.
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Not a lot of takers here...I'd meet up with you, but I'm in the US.

Actually I probably wouldn't, I'm just trying to make you feel better.

Thanks. I'm just wondering if anyone else is going, since it is only a few days away.
Im going who you looking forward to? I doubt theyll be many leeds fest people going not sure if theres many northerners on here
The Maccabees, CSS, Jamie T, Kings Of Leon, The Horrors, Cajun Dance Party, Arcade Fire, The Young Knives and Lethal Bizzle.

I'm more looking forward to the camping and stuff.
I'm going to Reading, not Leeds. It's gonna be a good'un. I'm taking my djembe for some good all-night drum raves!
I'm going. If you get this meetup sorted, PM me and ill come!

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Yea PM me with any details and i'll meet up
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