you might have heard about the director/actor Kevin Smith.(yes yes the guy who did clerks...)
among his movies are:
-Clerks l & ll
-Chasing Amy
-Jay and Silent Bob strike back

and more to which i havent heard of lol...

anyway, discuss the movies above and all of kevin smith's movies if you heard of other!yay fun!

to start off:whats you favourite out of those i listed?

ill say Jay and Silent Bob strike back, and clerks are the best..

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once I was having a bad day, and someone said to me "when it rains it pours" and that saying stuck with me all day. Later I went home and watched Dogma for the first time and at the end Chris Rock goes "when it rains it pours". creepy

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mallrats. it is by far his funniest movie, and jason lee's character in that movie is my favorite character in all of his movies.
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id say clerks 2
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Its a tie between Dogma and Mallrats. I like Dogma cuz it confused the **** out of me and made me think about trippy stuff I like Mallrats because of the sheer hilarity.
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its tough to say which is my favorite. I love this part in clerks though:
dante: can you believe my girlfriend sucked 37 dicks?!
customer: in a row?
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For me, Clerks I&II are one of the best scripts ever made. I love the sense of humor of Kevin Smith.

I haven't watched any other movies by him though. =/
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