look i´ve been playing for a year and i´m looking for a new guitar.
I play something like metallica,iron maiden, avenged sevenfold, that kind of stuff
my budget is $500 or a little higher, but personally i like ibanez.
do anyone have any suggestion to me?
i almost forgot to tell you that i like to use the tremolo so...
i was interested in the rg 350ex, but if you have a better idea that is in the same price range, please let me know.
get a jackson dinky, those things are really good for heavy stuff like that, and they arent too much i think...
s520ex with emgs. Love that set up
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My friend has a Jackson DK2 Dinky, with Jackson/EMG humbuckers.

I can safely say it pwns at metal.

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i just bought a DKMG Dinky, floyd rose, and emg's, and red flame finish, 850 with tax after my discount, if you don't want a floyd, you canget the DKMGT Dinky, for about 100 less or something like that, the flame top is 100 more i think as well, this is all canadian prices by the way, and the retail for mine is around $999 canadian
Jackson DKMG Dinky (EMG 81/85)
Ibanez GIO (i put a Dimbucker in the bridge)
Crate GT65 (65 watts) to be upgraded soon, suggestions welcome (must be tubed)
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i like all the guitar you all told me(especially the jackson dinky), but i really like ibanez ,isn´t there a good ibanez for me