by fake book, i mean a book of jazz repetoire, containing chords for tunes, and possibly some notation as well. im getting more into jazz playing for bass, and wondred if anyone would recommend a fake book?
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as far as bass, I am not certain. But the 'Real Books' are basically jazz guitar bibles with all the standars in them.


i dont mean a book specifically for bass. i mean, a book thats tuned to c (e.g. can be used for piano, guitar/bass). once i have the chords there i can learn walking basslines for them.
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The Real Books are good, but they have a lot of wrong stuff in them as well. The "New Real Books" are better for that. But if you want a lot of accuracy, then get the Jamey Aebersold books. They are usually really accurate and well made, and also have backtracks to them.