has anyone tried the gfs power rails?
and/or the gfs PAF pickups?
im wondering because i will be putting in my epiphone sg, i play hard rock not metal, cleans aswell
thanks, *joey*
Power rails=No, very few people have on this forum it seems
Pafs=Ok... Not duncans, but excellent for price. Stay away from the crunchy pafs.
What GFS is mainly known for is their good single coils.
Call me Wes.
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thanks, these are just cheap mods so i dont mind if they arnt as good as SD`s.
anyone else had experience with gfs power rails?
Quote by init24
jump an extra 15 or so dollars and get real bill lawrences

Yea.. because $70 for one pickup is the same as getting the set for $70 from GFS.

He is looking for cheap mods. It costs as much for one BL pickup as it does for the set from GFS.
yeah, im a begginer, so it doesnt matter if i screw up a little.
then next time il go for the real deal.