Well I'm looking to sell my Ibanez RG-120, and I figured I could get more if it had a Floyd Rose tremolo system on it. Is there a bridge from Floyd Rose that doesn't require me cutting apart the guitar? Kind of like a standard tremolo, but locking?
I dont' think so... to answer your question...
But why would you want a floyd rose? It, as well as the Khaler tremolo system, cuts the sustain.
So, if you need long sounds, do yourself and your guitar a favour and don't install a floyd rose (especially because it's an Ibanez... those things cost A LOT in my country). David Gilmour had a Khaler system installed on his black Strat, but reinstaled the original Fender tremolo because the Khaler cut the sustain. He later filled the huge hole left behind by the Khaler.
I just want to sell the guitar and I figured the people who would buy an Ibanez RG would want a Floyd Rose because it's usually played as a metal guitar.