Hi all,
Im currently enjoying the tabs for Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria,I found it here on UG.Its the one with the most ratings.
I get the flow of the intro,but I have problem with the sweeping..is sweeping somewhat similar to palm muting? (yeah,what a noob question,I know)

I attempt to mute the lower E string at least,but the rest is either muted too much,or not at all...whats the right amount of muting to add,if to do so at all? My attempt sounds like no strings moving at all.

Any info highly appreciated (btw, Im aiming for the acoustic approach,not the original recording)

Thank you.
sweep while palm muting and palm mute near the bridge to get more sound out of the strings and sweeping is exactly what its called and what it is merely sweeping your pick across those strings while hitting those notes
Thanks for providing me with info on this,much appreciated

-by the way,how would you consider the level of skill needed to play this song (near the original)? I only played this summer,and my fingers are dying after 10-15 takes on this one.
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its awquard! for the intro, i use to use 3 fingers then my friend made me use all 4, with my pinky but man, it helped me allot its worth doing it that way, using all four fingers, and helps with the legato, its an intermediate riff, the entire song is probably same though, pinch harmonics on the second riff, might be considered more advanced.