Question is a little vague but if you read this post you'll understand. To get to the point, my band and i just completed a really great song that is gonna be one of our favorites. Its a real rockish song with a whole section where the other guitarist and i trade off soloing. Think Hangar 18, but Led Zepp style. its pretty much written to be a great song with a lot of room to jam.

now heres the problem-i need to write lyrics to it. i came up with it so its my job. but the only thing on my mind right now is this girl that im in love with and id like to write a love song about her but idk if this music will fit.

my question really is-does a song have to be a certain way to write about a certain topic? like i personally wouldn't write a love song to fit with death metal music or something heavy and **** like that...but what about a bluesy/hard rock song with a lot of good, non-boring solos that get your heart pumping like what we wrote? could you write a soft, beautiful, sweet "weenie" song to a theme of politics or hate? i dont understand which would go with which...what music fits with what.

ive been trying to visualize how i want to ask UG this question for a couple days but this is the best i got. if im too vague or you dont know what the hell im talking about, just say so and ill try to explain.

PS if you think i should take this to the pit (i was originally gonna post this in the pit but i figured this might be better) could someone move it or something? thanks.
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I think in some respects, yes (to the thread title question).

You want the music to compliment your lyrics. If you want to write about a specific topic but can't seem to fit it over the music, don't try and make it work; write a different song for those lyrics and find other lyrics that fit the for the other song.
just go for it, if it doesnt work, you can always change it
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Write whatever you like. The music sets the mood, but the words set the tone.
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the emotion in your music should match the emotion in your lyrics, but led zep is very bluesy - bluesy suits a love song if its writeen right. So go for it, if it doesnt work, scrap it.
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another way to look at it is to approach your topic in a less straightforward manner. Don't be so upfront with your them. Present it in a way the listener has never heard before (yes, I have said that before and I will continue saying it).

basically you can use the subtleties in the lyrics that aren't directly about love and relate them to it. How you do this is up to you.
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Don't worry too much about the message, or whatever. Don't worry about what you're putting across, unless YOU care about it. The majority of people will just take their own inerpretation from lyrics, and that will be influenced from the tone, so you must keep that in mind. E.g if you sang "I walked out the door" in a slow mellow song, they would presume that it's your ex-lovers door. If you sang "I walked out the door" in a fast, dance song, they may presume that you were going out of your house, to a club, etc. People have their opinion about what the song means before you even sing a lyric. If you don't want to change that opinion (which you can, by making your lyrics extremely to-the-point and uninterperetable) then just make your lyrics vague, but nice. Use some good language and let it flow well and you'll be fine.