Okay, the hype for the iphones was great and all, but I decided to hold off until a larger one came out. I've come the the UG PIT for reviews on their iPhones. Any problems with them? How is the touch screen? Hardware? Interface? Camera? iTunes? After having it for a month have you decided it was not worth it or is it the best damn dollar you've ever spent?

I love that website so much.
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It's a good phone. Don't buy it if you're a teenage guitarist who doesn't have a **** load of money.

As much as I love Maddox, I wasn't impressed by that article since his big slam on "it takes 9 touches to type ..." or whatever isn't true.
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If you like to constantly wipe away smudges to see what you're doing, go for it.
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iPhones are an iFailure.

I can't be assed to elaborate, just trust me, and everyone else who actually uses that squishy gray thing inside of their skull.
can't send mms with iphone? ... wtf is that true...
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