Of course.

I only have the first on DVD though.

Second is the best one IMO.
^ The clues in the name.

Awesome series, although the original takes itself a bit too seriously. It's only good when it's a comedy horror.
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**** YEAH!

I adore the Evil Dead films. Pure entertainment. Bruce Campbell is a legend.
ive only seen army of darkness and the first evil dead, but i love them both.
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Of yes. I the second and AoD best. The first was great too. Anybody notice how each sequal got less and less serious? The fist one a completely serious movie, the second seemed kind of like a parody of the fist one, and AoD was more of a comedy than a horror movie

EDIT: Reboot rules
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The first one was my favorite. Though I saw Army of Darkness first when I was a child. And I remember that Reboot bit, lol.
classic B movies.

i love evil dead. theres a remake in production with bruce campbell directing apparently

and the rami brothers are working on 30 days of night.
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Does anybody know a place where I could watch them (or any of the three)? I checked tv-links, but they aren't there.

I love these movies so much, but I don't own them. =(
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Awesome movie series. The Book of the Dead Editions of the DVDs are well worth the money.

In high school my brother had to do some clay sculpture in art class and made a chainsaw wielding Bruce Campbell, evil tree, and the front half of the cabin. It blew up in the kiln though.
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The second movie is my favouite, with army of darkness coming in a close second.

Amazing movies.

The musical is awesome, too.

I like the first the best because it's so unbelievably ****ed up.
I think Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak On a Plane beats every zombie movie.
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The first one was my favorite. Though I saw Army of Darkness first when I was a child. And I remember that Reboot bit, lol.

This is getting weird Archaon. I love the Evil Dead Trilogy and Bruce Cambell is my favorite actor. As well, I saw Army of Darkness first when I was a child AND I use to watch Reboot! Why are we so much alike!?