as you may know i have no vocals on any of my songs. and im looking to write some death metal. and i definitely want some vocals recorded so basically whats the cheapest decent mic i could get away with at the moment.

cos im skint and i can part with as little money as possible so suggestions are good then ill scan ebay.

yeah but its pretty expensive its like 60 quid.

if i got a 57 for recording guitar would i be able to get decent vocal recordings with it?
this is death metal vocals you dont need a really expensive mic trust me i used to do death metal demos with a shure beta just do a little track tweaking and it is good
57's are great for vocals. You might need some kind of pop screen for it, though.
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Yes - a 57 would work well for guitar and vocals. In fact a lot of death metal albums done by Andy Sneap utilized a Shure SM57 for the vocals.
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ill try get a cheap 57 if i can somewhere tho, because id probably get a nicer tone from miced than with gearbox which i currently use.
you'll probably need a preamp too? your vocals might sound ****ty without one,
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