Private messages are another easy thing to deal with on the website. They are messages that you can send to another user that only you and the user you've sent it to can view. With this part of the CP, you can send a new one, read your current ones, read ones that you've sent to others, delete your messages (you can only have 30 messages total in your sent and received boxes before it will stop allowing you to send or receive them). If your inbox is full and someone tries to send you one, the website will send you an e-mail telling you who is trying to PM you, and that you need to empty your PM boxes. The e-mail will not contain the message that the user was attempting to send you, so you'll need to re-contact that person. When you send a PM, it will give you the option to send a "receipt". You can track these receipts in the "Track Messages" page. It will allow you to see when/if the person you sent it to has read your PM. You can also make new folders to put PMs in, but the maximum you can have in every box total remains at 30.

I've been a member for awhile, but I've never actually really used the private message system on here..

Anyway, Is there an easy way to private message someone on the forums? I tried looking, but the only way I could find was to click the username and then go through that to send the message. Then, it doesn't show up on the forum private messages, rather it shows up on the main site.

I was also curious if it'll alert the user that a new private message arrived? I was just thinking about this because I received a message today. It doesn't show up on the forum messages, but in my profile on the site. It didn't alert me. I just happened to come across it while I was fixing my profile (been a member since nov 2005 and never updated it..) I was just curious because I've sent out quite a few messages today and wanted to know if they'll get alerts to it or should I send them all through the forum messaging system (if there is one)

The profile messages and the forum PM's are two different systems. Also you can check it as an option to have an e-mail sent when you receive a PM, whether by forum or by profile.

To send a forum PM, click Private Messages at the top of the page, then on the left you'll see a link that says send new message, click that and you can figure it out from there.