I want to incorporate "Seasons" by Chris Cornell into my performances, but it takes too long to change the tuning on my guitar there and back to do so. Are there any other acoustic songs in FGCFCF (low to high) tuning? I want to do an entire set in that tuning, and I'm not yet familiar or comfortable enough with it to write a song in it. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
If you have two acoustic guitars and a guitar stand, you can just already have a guitar tuned that way.

To answer your question, though, I've never even heard of that tuning. I'm sure you can take most basic 3-chord songs and make really interesting arrangements out of em. Take a really easy song that you like doing and mess around with what you know in that tuning to make something cool-sounding.
tuning would only take like two minutes... just stall


and what the guy above me said about the extra guitar is good too. a lotta people do that.
I wouldn't even be posting on this if I had a spare guitar to use. Yea I know some of CC's songs use really strange tunings.