from what I know some people already have this album but it isnt released until tommorow..what do some people think of this one? I didnt like Nate at first but he kinda grew on me but he seems like an ass on the recording videos..the vocalist seems to be the problem..anthony is good and so is nate...but people are touchy when it comes to their music..I almost got this thing today but FYE wouldnt sell it to me..i literally saw the damn thing behind the counter..*sigh*..
Death..Is Just The Beginning..

this belongs in the hardcore forum (metalcore isnt allowed here). *reported*

But yeah I got it today from CD plus.

haven't listened to it yet though.
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this belongs in the hardcore forum (metalcore isnt allowed here). *reported*

what are you talking about? this band is primarily death metal now i'd clasify this album as a death metal one..and they most certainly arent "metalcore" so how does it fit into the hardcore area? i dont get it
Death..Is Just The Beginning..
Through the Eyes of the Dead=deathcore=in this forum.

Haven't heard the new album yet apart from one song. The new vocalist owns the hell out of the old one.
darn totally forgot about this album...so many new albums coming and stuff..losing track these days....downloading now
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