so ive been learnin acoustic the past couple months but im having a problem now with my guitar. it seems like out of nowhere it started sounding weird so i figured it was out of tune, but i cant seem to tune it right its pretty annoying. any suggestions?
Change the strings, if that doesn't work then get it checked out by a pro.
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Acoustic guitars can have bad intonation(don't have a link but google it). It probably didn't come out of nowhere, your ear probably got better. You can now hear the difference.

But then again that might not be what the problem is. Have you changed the gauge of your strings recently? Or have you made any other adjustments to your guitar?
Could be a bad nut too. If it is this really weird ringing noise when you pluck a string without fretting that string, and it disappears when fretting a note, it's the nut.