On the 25th of August, The Furious Horde are playing at 'The Metal Prom' at the Tilbury Rec. Centre, we'll also be launching our new album "World Aghast" at this event.

MySpace: www.myspace.com/thefurioushorde

There are a few tracks uploaded on the MySpace if anyone is interested and wants to have a listen, we're a black-metal inspired Gothic-metal band.
Wow, you guys are great! I love it, your music sounds like 'Cradle of filth' meets 'In Flames'. You should deffinetley get a CD out there and start playing shows. Awesome stuff.
Raise your chalice my brother
Raise it high
To catch the fire that falls from the sky
Thank you very much for the kind words guys! Bal_Sagoth; our first album is being launched on the 25th at a gig we'll be playing at

Nightstalker; very cool stuff!! I was happy to see "At the Gates" as an influence; powerful song, I really liked it
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very cradle of filthy, i dk about the in flames thing like sagoth said. It's too thrashy for inflames
Yeah hehe, I think it definitely has a Cradle sound to it, due to the melodics and things I haven't really heard In Flames though, so I don't know lol! ^^