They're in MIDI format, only because I exported them from the Powertab editor.

I think they sound ok.

I uploaded them here in .zip

demo: the chords are not badthough i think they are a bit too harmonic it just sounds like a bit like church music, just maybe try adding a 7-chord, i think you should also add a strum patter don't know the chord but something like

2 2
2 2 a.h.

something to give this chords a kind of better rhytm,but you can just leave it until 0:16 i would say i like the solo thoughi would change the ending

Intro(demo):goodriff, but it's u bit unsteady , i would a add a bass until 0:30 so it sounds more kind of epic

that's it , good work indeed, one tip i just would give you , i don't know how far it is possible in power tab but if you could add drums it would sound at least way more interesting

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