Id like for my tremolo to be able to dive and be pulled up farther, it wont go all the way back or forward due to the pull of the springs, what can i do to allow it to move easiser
What kind of guitar do you have? Also it would help to know the type of tremolo. Some only move one way.
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jackson rhoads, a floyd rose style trem

The "range" of your tremolo is limited by the tremolo itself. The only rational way to achieve more "range" would be to buy a new guitar.

You can make the tremolo move easier by using a lighter gauge of strings.
you could be ghetto and scratch out some of the wood inside the trem cavity, but I have no idea where you could do it, but I heard Vai or Satch did it to their guitar to pull up a long time ago when they sucked. I wouldn't reccomend it though.
Vai did it, and you could be a little more civilized and use a router to do it and put a piece of foam at the bottom. and more dive isn't gonna happen- do you really need to do more than slacken your strings?
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it used to be able to rise and dive really far, then i had a tech work on it and it doesnt anymore