I have to replacing the 12axtb's (made in china, not sure the brand) and 4 5881WXT SOVTEK tubes.

First Question:

I can't find the exact tubes anywhere--Do I have to replace with the exact tubes to avoid rebiasing?

Second - What other tubes can I put in instead without having to rebias?

Third - Whats the cheapest place to get tubes?

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1) You don't need the exact same tubes, nor would you want them, Sovteks are pretty pants.

2) 6L6s can replace 5881s without bias changes.

3) www.eurotubes.com is cheap, but they only sell JJs. There's another site, Doug's tubes I think it is, that's good.
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umm..... this could help me.

i have a vintage fender princeton reverb amp, and know nothng about tubes excepth they sound insane. so, i need help too.
The "everything you want to know about tubes" thread at the top of the forum is a good place to ask tube questions, and there's some good info in the first post
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ive also got a B-52 AT-212 and i just replaced the tubes with one of the re-tube kits from eurotubes.com and i love the tone i get! i got the high gain set. for tubes, only the power tubes need to be rebiased. pre-amp, effects loop, reverb, phase inverter, and rectifier tubes dont. you just pop them in and your good to go.


its the third kit
I too would recommend JJs from eurotubes, great sounding tubes, really bring out what the amp *should* sound like.
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Even if you change it to the same brand, date, and model, you might still have to rebias, not all tubes are made equal, and quality control isn't the best, because it's hard to do so.
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