Hey .. I Heard great reviews about the heil talkbox ..
and i decided to buy one ..
I Plugged it into my Korg AX3000G Guitar Multieffect .. whice includes Pre amps ..
but the sound that came out of the Talkbox tube was very very low .
then i plugged my multieffect to my guitar amp and then to the talkbox ..
it produced a louder sound. . but still not high enough .
I Own a VOX Valvetronix 15v amp ..

I wanted to ask you .. how can i increase the volume ?
my only solution is to buy a new amplifier with a higher VAT ?..

or you have another idea for me ?

TNX in advance .. !
You have to mic the tube
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i know it .. but still .. its too low for a microphone ..

what do you mean? it's not loud enough?
Yeah i realize that .. and im asking if there is a way to increase the output of my Korg ax3000g multieffect so that i wont have to plug into an amplifier .. Cause when i play with my band i plug the multieffect directly to the mixer and from the mixer it goes to the Speakers ..

Guitar -> Multieffect -> Talkbox (Goes Into the mic ) -> Mixer -> Speakers

So my question is can i Increase the volume of the multieffect output ( in the multieffect its on the highest level ) ?..