I'm upgrading my Epi Les Paul with new pickups and electronic, and I was wondering if it would be worth my time and money(push-pull pots) to wire it to allow coil splitting?
Well considering push pull pots dont cost that much and it wouldnt take that long to rig up, why not? More versatile guitar.
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can you do it on a seymour duncan hot rails?
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It's worth it if the pickups you buy aren'T too hot.
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It's worth it if the pickups you buy aren'T too hot.

Ha, I guess I won't do it then, I'm getting very hot pickups...
I coil tapped an SD sh8 invader and it sounds pretty good on clean
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It's worth it if the pickups you buy aren'T too hot.

I think it would be more worth it on hot pickups.
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i ahve evos that coil tap and it sounds great. split it then roll the tone down a little and it sounds really really good. and ya im pretty sure your hot rails can be coil split...there 4 conductor wires right??
Coil splitting on 2 HBs:

Putting the 2 coils of a HB in parallel is similar in sound to split, but retains hum-cancelling when only one pickup is split.

You can split both pickups at the same time with only 1 push-pull pot, but it's more versatile to do them separately.

If you split one pickup to it's North coil, and the other to it's South coil, they will hum-cancel when used together, in-phase.

Whichever Bridge coil is farthest from the bridge, will sound better when used as a single.

If you split only one pickup, split the Neck. A single at the neck, with a HB at the bridge is a great tone.
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