Ok, i was in the middle of an important phone conversation when i suddenly lost all service in my phone. Strange thing is, in this area (my house) I have had good service almost always. But now, for some reason, I lost service AND i can't get it back. I've tried walking around the house, going outside, turning it off and back on, and nothing seems to work. Anyone know what could've caused this sudden loss in service?
That's weird. Same thing happened to me today. I was just in my house, no weird walls or anything. And it just cuts out for no reason and didn't come back for awhile..

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Probably just a dead phone line.

uh its a cell phone....they dont have phone lines....but anyways it just might be ur phone take it in
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Just curious, but what would that do?

well one time i was getting no service whatsoever and i took the battery out and put it back in and voila it worked again