Can anyone throw some rough numbers at me as to what the following repairs would cost:

-Full biasing
-New tubes (5 12AX7's, 2 EL34's)
-Cleaning/repairing pots? (2 EQ knobs don't work)
-Other basic tune-ups

The amp is a 1982 Marshall JCM800 50W combo. She needs some help bad!!! I get crazy-ass whistling and wheezing and blowing sounds while playing. Thanks for any help. Cash donations are also warmly welcome.
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In my area, it's $15 per 12AX7's, $35 for a set of svetlana el34's, $10 to clean out scratchy pots, more if the connection/solder needs work. $35 to bias 2 tubes.

However, I'm sure if you buy the tubes and pay them to bias it, they'll probably clean out our post for free, if not really cheap.
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^Thanks dude. The tube ratings are personal choice, correct? Nothing specific to certain amps right?
why not go to your local store and ask?
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