So im stripping my guitar, sanding all the paint, and im staining it. However, these floyd rose tremolo posts are still on, and i cant sand around it, its just not working, and i dont want to stain around them. are they easy to take out/put back in?
If your sanding down the whole guitar, then just take out the screws.

There are two parts to the post the screw and the bushing (another name for a screw casing inside the guitar). Take out the screw (it takes an alan key), but make sure you dont take out the bushing, that has caused me problems for like 2 weeks.
I bet you five bucks that I play guitar.
it looks to me in that picture like you have one still in, and one is out. explain?
I bet you five bucks that I play guitar.
ok, were there screws in those holes before, that you took out?

EDIT: I can't really tell whats goin on, you obviously have a different edition than me.
I bet you five bucks that I play guitar.
Hmmmm mine definitly has alan key holes to take them out. So I dunno.

EDIT: can you take a picture of the whole guitar? I am a little confused as to what I am looking at. Are those the posts that you adjust the action with?
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hope that helps. i guess i dont mean "posts" i mean the things that are down inside the guitar that the floyd rose posts go into.

I am not 100% sure but I think you are stuck with them there.... just sand around them and mask them when you stain... sorry