Something versatile, no more than $110, go!

EDIT: And not a Small Clone!
digitech multi chorus rox my sox. get a power adapter though, cause it sucks 9v batteries dry fast.
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i dont kno...i picked up a digitech turbo flange today...i must say i was kind of pissed off that i wasted money on it...its the most digital pedal you will ever hear...my old behringer flanger sounded better than it...what a dissapointment...check out the small clone from electro harmonix, they have yet to let me down so far
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I think the boss chorus ensemble looks like a cool pedal if you don't want a small clone. Or you could up your budget, and get a delay+chorus like Visual sound H2O.
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may i ask why you dont want a small clone? It just seems its the end all cheap chorus, but thats just my impression on 50$-100$ chorus'
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Chorus Ensamble is awesome. (Boss)
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I dont understand why you dont want a Small Clone, it sounds a lot better then 90% of the reccomendations people have posted. I'd rather have 2 great soundin chrous effects than 12 'meh' ones.
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IMO, the Chorus Ensamble>Small Clone
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what about the MXR?
cause im in the same position im lookin at the Boss Super Chorus, the Digitech CF-7, and the Dunlop MXR.
I like the sound of the vintage Ibanez chorus pedals. You can find them on ebay under your budget.
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