I've seen alot of people on various sites asking the same question...

Whats the difference between the EMG H4 and the EMG H4A?

Thought i might shed a lil light on this subject..cuz the descriptions
are not all that great on alot of sites...

They are both passive...but in my opinion they sound great through my amp. (see sig)
some guys in the store where i got them installed were even fooled by them.

These pups are powerful and will do just about anything you want them to do.
They are both noise free. Great!!!


This pup is your standard super gain pickup. It has a very strong presence and some
decent sustain. It is very good for palm mutes. I think of it as a rhythm pick up. Its
pretty good when u use it clean. When using effects Its kind of on the deep and bold end.
Its powerful and simple. Its also sensitive to picking.

This pup wails. It has a natural slight vibrato. It even sings when its clean. It is
very sensitive to pinch harmonics. It shreaks and screams. Its not very polite at
all like the H4. This thing is great for soloing. It takes effects to the next level.
If you have an amp or modeler with any type of pick pressure sensitive effect
you will get the full effect of this pup. If you mix that with an octave effect or a
wah-wah this thing will get Obnoxious quick. They are also beautiful with a
rotary effect as well.

EMG's are like the pup of choice for metal players...
Even though they are probably best known for metal...you can get
some great sounds out of them that are totally unrelated.
You can mimic Pink Floyd...or even go as for away as gospel.
They are practically begging for Texas Blues if thats what youre into.

Using these to Humbuckers through a tube amp is the way to go.
If you are a noob..once you try some pups like these ...or any other
great aftermarket pups that you choose..you will become one of those
guitar snobs you cant stand right now.


you will see a guitar that you like and when you play on those factory pups
you will be like ...*ugh!!*
...IF you like it..you buy it ..not thinking
*what a great guitar*....but... *Not a bad place to start*

They do everything from drop tunings to classic rock to blues for me.
I like strong rhythms and screaming licks and solos...
They may not be for you..but they helped me find the ideal sound that
I wanted a few years ago when i first started. If you are new to playing
I recommend studying musicians and finding the elements of their styles
that you admire the most. That will help you create your own sound.
Do research and base your decision on your desired sound.

I got these things put into an epiphone lp-100 that i found at a pawnshop
for 75 bucks. My friends made some jokes when i did it. (old 2k rims on the hooptie stuff)
...lol..but after my they heard it...they now call it the little engine that could.
It's aggressive as [censored]!!! I just love the *WTF--->how does he get that sound
stuff* with that thing
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i've got an 81/89 combo. emgs are teh ****ing pwn.
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I've not had much experience with EMGs. Good that you like yours though!

I really want to try some through my amp, I've only ever played them through cubes (through which they sounded terrible).

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I liked EMGs a little for metal (still preferred my Duncans) but the cleans were atrocious. It was just a muddled mess, and this was all on a rectoverb. But I didn't have time to really dial in the amp and guitar, but I'm still not sold on them.
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