Mmm, not in your price range, maybe check ebay, but I love my Blue Snowball...
I was going to get a Blue Snowball... but then I found out it doesn't work for Windows Vista.

And then I learned many usb microphones won't, which is why I'm having an even harder time looking for a mic.
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Why is everyone switching to vista so soon? The recording industry hasn't caught up yet; give it some time.
Agile AL-3100 (highly recommended)
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I got a new computer and it came with vista...bad move for my recording gear...
now I'm waiting on drivers for my recording card which I may just give up on and go with a Mackie interface with docking bass as I now have a firewire port on my desktop. Thing is that means spending an extra $100...

everything like software and all my other hardware works great on it though and the Mackie interface is supposed to be working on vista now so I think thats the way for me to go when I get the money.

on topic, the USB mics are ok but don't expect the same sound as an SM57, SM58, or Condenser mic.
if you are looking to spend $70 right now you can save up a little more for a Shure SM57 for studio use and get a preamp or mixer with one on board.