a friend of mine just pointed out to me that when i play and for example i move my fingers from one string to another my pinky is streched all the way up
wich is really silly looking. (i think it's a leftover from when i just learned to play the guitar, having all the fingers out of the way of the strings)

and becouse i always did it like that it's really hard to untrain it

are there any methods or tips i can use to untrain it faster?

thx in advance
Aha, you have a similar problem to mine, but yours sounds a bit worse. All you can do is practice reeeeaaaalllyyy slowly, making sure that your fingers are staying nice and close to the fretboard. And I mean reeeeeeaaaaaaalllyy slowly (am I labouring the point?), this allows your fingers to retain this method in your muscular memory. When you can keep your fingers close without concentrating hard on it, you can start to speed up.
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I found that I kept my pinky more in the way it should, when I started using it as actively as the rest of my picking fingers. Like most fresh guitarists, when I started, I didn't use my pinky that much. If I was you, then I'd do a lot of exercises using all fingers, like a 4-frets-in-a-row kind of thing, almost like a chromatic exercise, and just get used to having your pinky "ready for action" like the rest of your fingers. Basically, my theory is that if your pinky is idle a lot of the time, it will kind of find it's place that way. Just my 5 cents!
What also helps is using your pinky and index finger to make powerchords instead of index and ring. This gets your pinky more used to moving as an equal part of the hand instead of just an add-on to the ring.
I laughed when I saw the title of this thread, sounds like some Hair Metal band...

Anyway, just so I don't repeat things... Doing stretches could help too. Rest a finger (any of them really) on a fret, and using your flying pinky () keep moving up the fretboard, one fret at a time, and play notes until you can't stretch any further. Your pinky should be the only finger playing notes. You can do this with other fingers too, it's great exercize for the hand, wrist, and of course, flying pinky.
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