I just came back from my local guitar shop cous im looking for a electric guitar.
i´ve been playing acoestic for 4 months now nd i want an electric
i want to play like rock and puck rock leadguitar.
the shop owner gave me list of option.
i got like 450 euro to spend
and i never really trust these people so please tell wich would be best to pick

Jackson performer (from japan, he sayd that's a good thing or w/e)
395 euro

Ibanez gio (blood spray)

"occ" 249 eruo

orange amp 79 euro

he said it would be best to first buy a good guitar so your set with it and later buy a better amp

please your opinion

yours paolo
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Ibanez of Jackson

Jackson FTW!

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I'd probably get the Jackson. MiJ (made in Japan) is always a good thing.
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I'd spend a more on the amp, 79 euros new means it's going to be gash, orange or no.
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ye i made some deal with the shop owner and got 50 euro of the guitar, so that gives me 50 more for an amp