Yup, need a new bridge humbucker in my guitar

wood is basswood
i play light rock, lots of light OD and lots of clean
but need some metalish tone cos i like to drop tune

EDIT: i cant spell. someone's doing well in high school.
My Gear Sucks.

But Hell i'm Proud Of It.

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Dimarzio D sonic? But that's really geared towards metal with drop tunings. Try out the Dimarzio Super Distortion or PAF Pro.
Go for it. Maybe try out some SDs, but I don't know much about them. For the love of god, don't go for EMGs, it'll sound terrible!
For me I like the sound of high gain ceramic pickups in basswood (like the Gibson 500T.) The Gibson pickups are over-priced. Alnico pickups are ok, but basswood seems to like ceramics.
yeah i had active pickups in it when i got it..
sounded like crap.....
My Gear Sucks.

But Hell i'm Proud Of It.

Dimarzio Breed, does wonders for basswood.
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