i have a mexican standard tele and a fender deluxe hot rod amp and when i play certain notes with my DS-2 on it kinda shoulds nothing like the note and it ****s the other notes up
im playing standard tuning
after playing it the fret 11 seems to **** up the other notes does it in other places on the guitar but sounds good on clean........
Are you sure your neck is intonated properly? And it's usual for "fatter" more harmonically complex chords to sound like crap with distortion (such as the Gmaj7 you have in that case).
Hi, I'm Peter
i just checked inotation seems alright like a tiny bit out i know ive dropped the guitar a few times could that be a problem? i sometimes get it playing opens too.
I think I have the same problem, perhaps there came something loose in the body of your guitar that resonates to the frequency of some notes you play, and that makes a weird noise and ****s up chords
ah could be , i know somethings ****ed inside but aint got the money to repair it thought it was just i cant change the tone on my guitar i have to set it to 0 otherwise no noise comes out i suppose that could be the problem