Write now I just can't write anything. I screw around with scales but nothing comes anymore, not like it used to...

Is this is a serious problem or do you reckon I'll get over it? I play metal and shred if that helps any.

Hey dont get to worked up about it. Its a normal thing they call it writers block. The thing you have to do is just stop thinking about it and something will come to you sooner or later but if you keep trying really hard to come up with something you will stay stuck where you are. It happens to the best of people.
My biggest strategy is write in a style I'm completely uncomfortable with.
I rarely show people these songs, but it gets creative juices flowing, and it's an excellent excercise.
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If your gonna try to keep your shred label, you're obviously gonna have writers block. Just make music, don't make shred music. Too many restraints in writing.
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