Here it goes again...pretty much every time i buy a piece of gear i end up having doubts about it and whether or not i should have bought it however necessary it is [amp etc]

So earlier on today i bought a Boss DD-3 for £89 quid [it came with some pedal box thing that i'll sell] and yep here come the doubts flying in

I can return it easily and get my 90 quid back, and yeah it's probably a very lame and noobish thing to think after buying something, but hey

So can anyone help shed this crap feeling? I had it with my VC30 but now love it
Keep it, delay is a really cool effect.
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^ Any specific use for it though or examples?? I played with it in the shop and liked its sound [not deteriorating etc] but i basically wanted to get a new effect to play around with

Edit: Haha im just making my self sound like a noob here - i know what it does etc but its more of a case of...how to apply it in my playing - are there any specific examples and settings that can give me a start?
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Delay is awesome for doing short lead licks and then letting them fade out. Especially blueslicks.
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^ So more of a use infrequently for noticeable effect then?

Are there any good settings that'll get me an attractive movement for said lead licks on the DD -3 what anyone can name or list?
...delay is almost one of THE neccesary effects that should be in any worthy guitar players loop/chain.
If you cant find a use for it, then you dont need it.
Wahay i figured out how to use it properley
I shal lbe keeping this and selling this pikey pedal board they gave me with it