ok i know you see this at least 1000 times a day.....
im considering buying a gigging, im looking for an older metal tone like metallica and maiden, and also like some new stuff like symphony x and dream theater. ive got enough money saved up, but i dont want to shell all of it out on the amp, preferably under $600. here are the amps im considering:
*b52 at112
peavey xxx 40w if i can find it used
peavey valveking either 112 or 212

does anyone have any sudjestions/ opinions?
thanks alot
The used XXX is the best for metal according to many metal players. I think the VK would do metal up to Randy Rhoads era Ozzy (I have tried it) but I wouldn't recommend it for modern metal with dimed gain and scooped mids.
I think you will be the happiest with an XXX.
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If you want classic Metallica and Iron Maiden tones, I'd say go for the default British Heavy Metal Amp - The All Mighty Marshall...their better quality for your money, coz they claim to be bomb proof, and they are always signed on the inside by the person who made it, so you know whether or not Mr. Marshall made it...just my thoughts, but Marshalls are what the classic bands of the 80's used to get that vintage tone, and their still great quality, popular amps...
^Wayyyy to exspensive in america are sorta would put you off it.

The XXX would clearly be the best choice, it destroys the other two tonal wise and just more gain at your control!