ive got another problem with my blues jr now. this morning for the third time the volume just rapidly decreased until it just sounded like static sputtering coming from the speaker. whenever the sound does come back, its always significantly louder or quieter than it was before. another little problem ive been having with it is that it seems that when my fingers arent on the strings the volume decreases quite a bit and when i put them back on its fine again.

im not sure if this is a problem with the tubes or anything but i got it in late june/early july from guitar center. would i be able to exchange it for a new one if the problem isnt with the tubes or will i have to pay to fix it?
If you bought it new, it shouldn't be a tube issue. Maybe check the wiring to the speaker. It sounds as if something may be partially disconected.

If you bought it over a month ago, you're probably out of luck. Did you buy a warranty?
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alright i just checked the speakers wiring. everything seems to be connected. im still getting that weird volume drop though when my hands arent touching the strings.

i didnt get the warrenty for it. i do know the guy i bought it from pretty well though, i dont know if that would make any difference for it