Well here's the story. I formed a band with some of my friends earlier this year. We were gonna be kind of hard rock band, AC/DC like band with me on guitar my friend Kevin on vocals, and my friend Max on bass. We were looking around for a drummer for our band, and we just couldn't find one. So we just decided to give up, but I still wanted to be in a band because I love playing guitar and I wanted to write some songs. So I met some other dudes, and they're both very talented musicans like myself (not to be bragging or anything sorry), and we decided to form a band. This was the kind of band I've wanted to be in, with people who actually know what they're know what they're doing. The band I'm in now is also looking for a drummer, and we just can't find one!!! I'm afraid this band will break up because the lack of a drummer like my first one. WTF should I do?!?
I can play the drums very well, and have played a few jazz gigs and have gotten payed too. I love playin', I learned from my dad whose played all his life. Even my Grandma can play the drums! How old are you and what city do you live in?
not to be rude, i'm not a mod or anything but this should go under the ads if ur looking for a drummer
dirtydeeds123...was the purpose of this thread to advertise for a drummer, or to seek advice on finding a drummer?
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WTF should I do?!?

Looks to me like he's asking advice.
yeah hes just asking on where to find one...

anyway, put up fliers at local underground music clubs or go to guitarcenter (or any other instrument shop) and wait for a drummer to go and play the drums there.
Check to see if your local music store (Instruments or CD etc.) have any wanted ads up and if there isn't a drummer on there looking for a band then ask to put your ad up.
Keep it short and sweet, maybe list 2 or 3 influences. And it might be an idea to have those perforated tabs on the bottom with your contact number on it so that people can take it and contact you later because you don't want to lose out because the person viewing the ad doesn't have a pen handy.
until u can find one use a drum machine... itll help a lil
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