Hi all.

A few weeks ago, I lost a very good friend of mine, that i've known for over 10 years. He passed away with his father in a fire August 4th.
I thought it only a fitting tribute to write a song to him.
Its acoustic, and sometimes my vocals falter a bit.. Im not the greatest singer.
Its pretty simple, but let me know what you think

Www.Myspace.com/Hugorb The song is "Ode to a friend"
and of course I'll crit yours if you crit mine.


On an august evening, and a cruel august night,
My mind was racing at the thoughts and the sight.

Of a dear friend and comrade, for weeks, months and years
His passing has found me, and confirmed my fears

So with sad thoughts and memories i swallow up the tears
I think to myself, how could he disapear

The news caught me swiftly, threw me right off guard,
i just couldnt bear it, the thoughts within me struck hard

and to all who knew him well, life goes on as it must
through weeks months and years, we built a well of trust

although he'll never talk again, wave nor lend a hand
we really must remember him in every way we can

To all his friend and family, sing with me please
to wish him and his father, a resting peace at ease
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listening now man....very sad situation btw im very sorry that you had to lose your friend. Nice guitar intro very sad as i expected. Love the little solos after the verses. The vocals are pretty cool. The lyrics are good. The are very to the point, you can tell your singing about someone who died. Which is good,but me personally it would be a little better if there was some kinda of mystery in the lyrics you know? not so obvious of what its about. Theres no room for interpretation. But it is a tribute so i guess its fitting....good stuff man give a listen to my song, its not done, buts also pretty sad/ uplifting though...

ahh man it sucks to lose someone, the song does your friend justice. this was really cool chilled and enjoyable! the solo's remind of slash's acoustic part on Don't cry, real cool
Has a floyd approach.

Sorry for your loss.

I have a friend that i've known for more than 10 years, now I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Great song.
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