ok ive just got back of holiday for a week, missed my guitar loads. But when i got back it was like I have improved?!?! And now i can do two handed tapping propely, play more accuratly and faster!?!

I have heard before that taking a week of can help somhow. Also on holiday in feburary, when i got back my guitar teacher said to me ive goten alot better.

Or is it cause I havent played in a while , but that dosent explain why I can two hand tap now?
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It's because your brain rewrote itself to allow your muscle memory to set in on those techniques. It takes time for your brain to rewrite itself when learning new things. If you had practiced every day it likely would have happened sooner, or maybe not. You could have been getting in your own way by thinking too much. Guitar should be natural, you shouldn't have to think about where you are putting your fingers.

Looking at the fretboard while practicing actually slows your development, because you think about where you place your fingers instead of allowing your brain to just put them there.
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Guitar is more of a feel and memorizing shapes than learning specific "put finger here, here and here" kinda stuff.
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sometimes taking a day break really helps alot more than playing it over and over or atleast for me it does i play not be able to play it now but a day or so larter i can play like it nothing
Yea i also find this, its very interesting and a good excuse to go on holiday!
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yea i just got back from a week at the beach and i was like omg im so much better but im still not very good ):
In my opinion its okay to take breaks for a day or 2 but I wouldn't go for a week or more without playing at all, my chops would start deteriorating and it would take time to build them back up. So I wouldn't recommend not playing for more than a couple of days (sometimes you have no choice of course)

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The problem for me is, I don't want to take a break, I enjoy playing too much to resist it for even a day. Playing guitar is literally an addiction for me. A damn right beautiful addiction.
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I find I practice better when I'm in a good uplifted mood (and sometimes playing guitar itself does that for me).

When you come back to guitar after a break, your fingers tend to feel "newer" and stronger, and more precise... For me, at least.
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Just like the many things that I do a lot i.e. play guitar, play games, practice for JROTC, etc., it takes time to learn depending on how much you do it. Also, you get sloppy if you're in a bad mood.

Hmmm, maybe that's why we lost in our drill meets... hmmm
For me if i dont play for awile, everything seems less sloppy, but, picking speed seems to slow alot. but thats me.

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yeh i play not stop basicly, ive got my guitar with me at the moment actully. It was hard not playing for a week.

On last last night their was this band doing really old pop songs and the guitarist had this beautiful PRS, probely worth about 3 grand. I was drooling. SO badly wanted to play it....
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I know what you mean... I have the same thing with video games too, when I'm stuck with this boss fight or something I give up and try again a few days later and I beat him on my first try. 50s y34h d00d d4d w4z L13k t074L pwnage !!!!!!!!!1111111eleven111114658222!!!!11!
Just don't make it a habit
86% of the people who frequent the "Electric Guitar" forum would say that they have played guitar for under 5 years.
Maybe part of it is that you missed it so much it just sounds better to you. I always think I sound better when I've had a few drinks too.