I won a Esteban guitar on eBay, but I've never heard of them before. I decided I'd do it because it was pretty cheap. It comes with an amp and that's what I really needed, but for $100 I figured I'd get a guitar with it.

Anyone heard of the Esteban guitars? Are they any good?

Here's the link to the eBay site with the guitar:

I ordered one about a year ago.
It was ****!!
the neck wasn't aligned
and the craftsmanship was crappy
sorry buddy
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The amps are shit too if it's esteban. My friend has one...honestly I don't know why his mother would think that was a good purchase at 2 in the morning while drunk...
Sorry man,but seeing you've been a member of ug for almost 2 years you should have known esteban guitars are fakes.
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I recently got into Electric guitars. I've been an acoustic player for quite awhile. I've never heard of Esteban, but there was a few minutes left on the deal and jumped on it since it had a 15 watt amp (really just looking for an amp, the guitar was just a bonus)

Well, thanks for the info guys. I'll wiggle my way out of it. Tell the seller that my brother got on my account or something.
^It would be so awesome if the seller was actually a member here and read your post.
I can see him thinking... "Huh, that sounds like my add.... Waaaaaait, a minute..."
Haha, yeah.. I actually thought about that.

I told him/her somewhat the truth actually. I found out that I have to buy some more books that wasn't in the syllabus for a couple of my classes.
if you are lucky the seller can allow you to retract the bid but then he loses $$ on relisting it...its junk though
Ok, if it makes you feel better, I'll send the seller the 75 cents he/she's out.

Plus, someone else bidded on it, so they can sell it to them for the "second chance" selling option.
Lucky lucky, you would have blown a hundred dollars on a toy guitar

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