Does anyone know how to replicate that sound he makes? i plan on buying a telecaster and want to know how he does it... any help is apreciated
god i havnt listened to him in so long
by the way i dont know how he does it
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The natural twang of a clean telecaster my friends... and also try to get everything pinched harmoniced if you know what i mean. dont let your notes ring. i like to mute them as if i was trying to squeeze out a pinch harmonic.
According to an old issue of Guitar One magazine he uses telecasters (obviously) with Ernie ball 10 - 46 strings. He uses different pickups in each guitar Dr. Z Prescription amps. For effects it says he favours Boss DD-2, Way Huge Aqua-Puss and Ibanez AD-80 delay pedals, a Boss Blues Driver, a Hotcake Distortion, an EBS compressor, a VHT Valvulator, a DOD phaser, a Boss CS-2 and an Elecrto-Harmonix Holier Grail reverb. The copy I refer t is almost 2 years old though so its very possible he has changed some parts of his setup since then hope this helps
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telecaster, i imagine a deluxe reverb would work very well. and sometimes a tiny bit of od.
and you must really be good at hybrid picking