I was saddened by this, the news that Yourcodenameis:milo have gone on an indefinate hiatus.

"To All..

After 5 years and 4 wicked cool records, we have decided to put yourcodenameis:milo on an indefinate hiatus.

We are all exceptionally proud of all we have achieved as a band, but feel it is time to move on and explore new paths both musical and non musical.

We are eternally grateful to everyone who supported us through it all, came to the shows, bought the records...plus all the bands we played with and the people we met along the way.
We hope it meant as much to you as it did to us.

cheers for being there.

Justin, Paul, Adam, Ross, Shaun."


EDITS: Ok, wrong forum i get it, If it can be moved, It would be appreciated.

For those who haven't heard of them then check them out if you want.

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