Your Cousin
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This guy is crazy. He has 12 fingers but he got drunk and cut one off. He only plays cheap guitar that are made in Japan and he uses distortion, anyone listen to him.
The Pope of Zeppelinism
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I do.

I believe I made a thread on him long ago, but didn't get much feedback.

Anyways, he's a really good slide guitarist; one of my favorites, in fact, and he is also one of my favorite Blues guitarists.
Bluesius Maximus
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I listen to him. He and his band are both great. Their music is perfect for some houserockin' (sorry if it's a bad pun).
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Hear My Train A Comin'
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Yeah, I made a thread on him once and I dont think it got any responses.

Is that stuff about his fingers true?! If so... then holy sh*t!
Absinthe Minded
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I like his stuff a lot. Plus he said one of my favorite quotes

""When I die, they'll say, 'He couldn't play ****, but he sure made it sound good!"
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