well, special, as in special ed, not specially talented

and its hilariously cheap
Nothing's special...except that it's a budget les paul...not bad for the money

the term "special" is similar to studio - not as good as a standard, and actually not as good as a studio

I've got the same guitar except mine has a gibson truss rod cover and is a right handed version
hey hey thats the guitar i have, but yes it sucks! i got tricked into buying by that evil salesmen when i first started
You have to be "special" (As in mentally ill) to buy it.

Nah I did have a blast on it, by far not the best but certainly better than "encore" and the starter junk.
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Only elitist idiots would say it sucks. It's a good guitar, especially for it's price. If you have more money, just buy a better guitar, but this definetly isn't a bad guitar. And don't diss Basswood, because Steve Vai uses it in is signature guitars (not the JEM20TH, but all the other ones.)
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Just because someone disagrees with an opinion doesn't mean they are elitists or idiots. If I buy a brand new guitar and it has problems to the point that its virtually unplayable I tend to think the guitar is not good. Some people look at problems with a guitar as an opportunity to enjoy working on it or modding it to improve it. Most do not. If you search the threads and posts on this forum and others you may discover that an abnormally high percentage of these guitars meet this criteria (virtually unplayable.) There are some that are just fine for beginners. If I have one that I think is great that is a very small sample size compared to the hundreds or thousands of these guitars total.
I also think that those of us who don't think highly of these Specials (and other gear we don't like) should be careful to confine our critisizm to the guitars and not the owners.
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I actually have one of these and I use it for gigs because my strat gives it too much of a buzz sound for songs with a lot of distortion. The humbuckers really are nice for playing punk.
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I'm amused at how few people are hating on this, but all of them would hate on a solid state amp, because it's trendy to hate on amps, but if you hate on guitars, you're an elitist prick.
That said, I have the SG equivalent of that.
Strangely, mine has a Gibson truss rod cover like that other fellow's.
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I think that anyone who doesn't like my guitar or amp is an elitist prick.