have had a guitar for 2 months.

play about half an hour a day

how often should i change the strings? i have a spare set i got a week ago to use. have no tools btw i should be fine doing it my hand right?
idk how often, but i change mine with no tools, and it comes out fine.
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depends on the strings, how much you play, if you sweat, etc.

my strings (super slinkys) turn black after about two months

and yeah, once you have done it a few times, its not so frustrating and hard
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and yeah, once you have done it a few times, its not so frustrating and hard


um, my ernie ball regular slinkys rust pretty fast, but that may be me and my sweaty hands. strings are always at their best when they're new, so it's pretty much up to you. but once they rust to a certain point, strings don't stay in tune.as you go up the fretboard.
well there is about 2 small black spots on the thickest string. guess i don't sweat much

no signs of rust. guess i will keep them for another month anyway
you should be fine changing strings without tools, but if it's an acoustic, you may want to get plyers to pull out the bridge pins, b/c sometimes they get stuck.

Also, if you want your guitar to look nice, you'll need something to cut the strings, but of course you don't have to cut 'em if you don't want to.

And you should change your strings every few months, but each person is different, so if you sweat a lot or something, you may want to change your strings more often.