Ok, so I've been searching around for guitars all summer and go figure I walk into our little hole-in-the-wall shop in town (which has maybe 5 guitars) and I stumble upon an Alvarez Yiari DY48 from 1983, a few tiny little scratches. Spruce top, mahogany sides, sounds great... After a bit of negotiations, $550 is his price (w/case)... Any reason why I should not grab this and run? I love the sound and its been taken care of... I just am not super-familiar with Alvarez. Grazie mille,

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Sounds good to me (especially since he's throwing in a case). It's also a major plus that it's 24 years old!! Must resonate beautifully...

Might wanna check this out though (for other people's opinions on the guitar and the prices they paid): http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Alvarez-Yairi/DY-48/10/1
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Yairi guitars are handmade by Mr. Kazuo Yairi who has been in the business since he inherited it from his father, who was a luthier. These rank right up there with some of the finest made guitars in the world, and are in a class by themselves. Some of Yairi's tone wood selection is over a half a century old before ever being selected for a guitar. You could be getting a 1983 guitar, but the top might have been seasoning since 1950. Sounds like a steal to me, as long as it's been well taken care of. Pay close attention to the soundboard, and note if there's any bellying going on, as this could be an indication of dryness. Also look at the back. It should be slightly convex, or raised in the middle a little more than the edges. Then look over all the joints carefully. Check to see that they are all still close fitting, no gaps, nothing pulling away. All the binding should be secure, and there should be no sharp fret ends, indicating a dry neck. If it checks out, grab it and go! Well, pay for it first of course...lol.
^-- agree 100%

depending on the condition of the guitar, $550 is a pretty normal price for a used Yairi. the ONLY drawback to Yairi guitars is that they don't seem to hold their value very well at all. i'm not sure why they don't, but they don't. i've never heard any complaints about the guitars quality and construction so there's no reason such a fine instrument should not hold value... they just don't. i wouldn't let this turn me away from buying the guitar though if i were you. the reason you are getting the guitar for $550 is because they don't hold value. it should hold it's value at around exactly what you are paying for it if you take good care of it.
Thanks for your advice guys. Checked it out and played it again and went ahead and pulled the trigger - I just liked it too much. Got out the door with some strings, humidifier and all for $550 so I'm satisfied. It's a local shop and he has to make money too, plus he will take care of it until he dies... One of those old characters they don't make anymore... But all the joints were good, back looked like it should, top looked good, fretboard was fine. It has a few tiny nicks/dents, maybe 2/3 of them deep enough to have taken off finish, but nothing serious at all... plus this way I won't be absolutely worried sick about taking it out of the case