I've been trying to learn Higher Ground by RHCP, mostly because I'm trying to learn how to slap/pop. I've noticed that when I do that, I tend to rest my wrist just above the bridge. Is that a really bad habit to get into that will forever leave me crippled in the world of bass, or does it really matter?
well i would always try to have your hand floating, and having your wrist there causes it to not be.
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Yeah leave your wrist floating. I guess it wouldnd't really matter if its resting there, altho i would have thought that would make it harder to play lol?
and i dont think this is like a set in cement thing yo shoudl do or not but i alwase heard you should slap jsut below the base of the neck and you cant do that with by the bridge. and yea. it would be hard to rotate your wrist and accentuate and get enough power behind your slap with it on the body not moving

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