Most of the time, I used to play exclusively in Standard tuning (Standard E, EADGBE).

But, after downtuning for a while to Standard D, I've come to the conclusion that I prefer that tuning over Standard tuning because it has a much tighter low-end as well as providing MUCH more meat and thickness, which is the tone that I'm after.

Hell, my SLSMG sounds soooo much better in Standard D. Probably because it was setup in that tuning (The guy I bought this from used Standard D). My amp gives me the tone I was looking for all along.

As of right now, I have a classic Thrash tone in Standard tuning. It seems that my favorite songs are IN Standard D (From Symphony X and Testament's "First Strike Still Deadly").

And I have this mindset that downtuning is not real Metal, otherwise I would be playing in Standard D right now.

However, how am I suppose to learn theory if I prefer a different tuning? I do have a 2nd axe, my old ****astic acoustic, but I'd rather not have that if I can just simply tune up back to standard tuning, but I'm scared of warping my neck.

Any ideas?
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the neck's made to take quite a bit of punishment, you don't have to worry about it warping
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Theory is theory. Theory applies to every instrument in every tuning.
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Because theory is theory, it's all about the notes you're playing, not the physical patterns on the fretboard.
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Or if you cant get your head around that just assume (pretend) standard tuning then when your applying it to the guitar just drop everything down a tone,,,not that hard