My buddy has two amps that were given to him by his brother's friend. One is a Marshall, which i plugged in thinking it would be great...well it was absolutely terrible, I'm guessing it was an MG series

So I pulled out the second one and it blew my mind. Had great tone for cleans and light distortion. It had the letters LTD on the front so I'm guessing it was made by ESP?

It looks very similar to a Peavey Valveking.

Anyone come across one of these?
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ESP doesn't make amps
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Google it and see tho! They might have their name on the ****ty starter packs but thats all i can think of!
I googled the ESP starter paks. The only ones I found say ESP F10 on the amp. Its a mystery amp.
LTD stands for limited (like limited edition), right? Well I would assume then that it could be anything really. There probably a ton of companies that no one knows about that arn't big at all. I think that might be the case.

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