For my next guitar, should I get the ESP LTD Dan Jacobs signature model, or should I just settle for a cheaper Viper or EX?
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if youre interested mainly in LTDs try out the viper 400. not too pricey but its an awesome axe. if youre budget is a bit higher maybe try a ec 1000.
i have an ex260 and yeah it all depends on the budget man, influence, and setup.
pay me the same amount and ill give you better head than an amp ever could.

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I've never liked Atreyu but that is a pretty nice-looking guitar. I'm seen it fairly cheap in some places, shop around if that's what you think you're gonna go for.
I have a Gibson SG Standard so you know I'm gonna like the Viper 400. I really like the variation of the SG body shape. The way they shifted the contours looks cool and very functional. The specs sound solid. Now I want to play one.